Annuity Rate Watch Subscription with Rider Quoting

The Annuity Rate Watch Subscription gives full access to all 1,200+ annuity products and rates. You also get our search tools, comparison tools, with OptionaGLIB Rider Quoting and the Insight Illustration System®  with ample runs for a individual subscriber.  You also get access to our SPIA Quoting Engine

  • Detail information on over 1,200 annuity products from over 80 different carriers
  • Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters
  • Insight Illustration System® - Comparative Hypothetical Illustration Systems
  • GLIB Rider Quoting - Which Carrier has the best GLIB Rider for your client? 
  • SPIA Quoting Engine -retrieve multiple SPIA quotes direct from the carriers
  • New Business Forms

This subscription is for a single user only and includes GLIB Rider Quoting providing 3 FREE Quotes, additional quotes are $2.50 each. 

SPIA Quoting will be an additional charge on a per-run basis, but is currently available at no charge.

CONTACT US FOR  A FREE DEMO :  1-866-812-6800

This subscription is for annuity professionals only.
The single user edition may be used only by an individual broker and is not for use by offices serving multiple agents. There may be a delay in account activation as all single user subscriptions are reviewed and approved.